Zumich: Photography & Composite Art

Zumich was a college hobby turned passion that morphed from just photographing things to editing them intricately to make their natural beauty stand out to creating composite art, where I found the most bliss in. I was even part of a photography team that I and my friends started in 2014 called Kaddto Photos and we did mostly weddings and functions. However, hovering around the bride and groom all day quickly lost its appeal and with the disbandment of the studio, the interest in photographing for money slowly started to wane. I still did uncommissioned concert photography that was appreciated by the artists themselves but with no plans to take it to commerciality. On Instagram, I did 3×3 grids of individual projects that ranged from taking one photo and applying 9 edits to it to a short story told in 9 pictures to combining Captain America Civil War characters in Game of Thrones style to celebrate the release of both in the summer of 2016 (Simpler times!). After a few years, I discovered that in pursuit of capturing the moment, I have missed being in it and that maybe has held me back artistically.  Photography itself waned as a hobby as I found solace and satisfaction in prose and poetry. I hope to discover it again but won’t be mad even if I don’t. It was a happy phase and I am happy if it’s left untainted.