AI Art

Ever since I heard of Dall-E earlier this year (2022), I’ve been captivated to learn more about the world of generative art. I am well aware that even though I am an early adopter with respect to general masses but comparing with the field of Artificial Intelligence in general, I am but a fledgling. But I do want to learn more, not just in the creation of AI art but in learning AI. The basics, the works. Starting with this Coursera course, I can hopefully learn better so I can tinker around more.

I have experimented with Craiyon (formerly DallE Mini) and Wombo AI before I got access to DallE 2 and that changed my world. Suddenly the possibilities became endless and the fact that I was part of an exclusive club of people with the access meant that I was more enthused to use it. Then they went into beta which is a good thing for the general populace but meant that the free experimentation was over, for now.

Then I discovered MidJourney and I love the aesthetic feel of it way more than DallE. DallE creates the closest version of your vision, MidJourney creates art that has moved me. Of course, it depends on how you use it. I even made a tutorial video and a blog post on how to get started with MidJourney. Seeing that it has such a scope for vast adaptability, I hope a lot more people use it.

To share the artworks, I first created a new instagram account ( where I posted all the funny ones starting off with Craiyon and then DallE, and turning it into a Batman stan account. Then I reactivated my dormant Zumich instagram account to share the images with an artistic bend, falling again back into old practices of creating a 3×3 Grid around a particular topic.
For now, the grids are on these topics:

  1. Radiohead Songs Visualized
  2. Cyberpunk India
  3. Steampunk Dragons
  4.  Webbed

I am cautious about my excitement. It doesn’t take away my job. Makes it better instead but it does affect a lot of people and we must be cognizant of that fact moving forward. The frontiers are new and AI is here to stay. We must learn to adapt.