you drop your pants

and sit royally, 

now remove the phone

now remove the jet spray

use your hands,

you’ve never used your hands 

but it is 



now remove the porcelain throne

which your maid laboured on with harpic yesterday

been a while you’ve squatted so low, 

but it is still



reduce your age a bit

a lot rather

you are twelve now

did I mention you are a girl too?

you are a girl now

you good? 



lower your caste 



a lot lower 


than what you are comfortable with



break down the walls,

you are on the street now

dogs are staring

people are staring

you look away, stay

still, still 




in a few hours,

two men are going to be arrested for murder

and let go


you’re back on your throne now 

as you were, with your phone

and your jet spray 

and your walls

and you skip past the news

and switch to facebook

to rant about the maid 

who didn’t show up today



This poem was first published in Gulmohur Quarterly: Issue 01