How you get started with Midjourney AI Art for free in 5 simple steps

I’ve been dabbling with AI art for the past few weeks and boy that is a deep, deep rabbit hole if you start exploring. It started with
-Free-to-use DallE-mini ( & Wombo ai (,
-then I got access to DallE2 (, which opened my world and
-now I’m playing around with MidJourney ( which, I feel provides the most artistic, if not totally accurate, renders of all the available AI softwares.

All of the artworks generated by these experiments are available on my old photography instagram ( which has been revived after a 3-year long hiatus for this explicit purpose.

So here’s how you get started wit MidJourney:

Midjourney is super simple to use and can be used by anyone. I know Discord can be intimidating especially for millennials and up, but you don’t have to talk with anyone (heaven!). Simply install the app and sign up using phone/email. Then follow the steps below to use midjourney

1. Open on any browser & click on ‘Sign in with Discord’
2. Once you accept the invite, swipe to go to the channels. I know all the hashtags seem confusing but look for anything that says ‘newbies’. Click on it
3. Here, in the chat box type ‘/imagine’ and follow it with your prompt which can be anything
4. It takes around a minute to generate an image with 4 versions of the prompt
5. Below it you have options to
a) Upscale any of the 4 images (U1-4) which would add more details and give a highres pic
b) Generate Variations of any of the 4 images (V1-4) which would create another set of 4 images with the style of that image

On a free plan, you can do only 25 generations (upscaling/variations included) and are limited to using the public channels

Paid plans start from $10 for 200 images, which is still cheaper than Dall-E (sans the accuracy of Dall-E but way prettier images) and you get a direct chat channel with the bot.

Hope this was helpful. Send me the images you created and I’ll feature it on Instagram ((

My fingers are crossed on AI helping artists like photoshop did. A tool in their arsenal rather than a competition to eat away business.

PS: Keep an eye out for Google’s Imagen & Parti, they are not for public use right now but by god am I excited for them.

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