I Like to Make Stuff

On a quest to find myself through a series of experiments, both implosive and explosive and sometimes fizzling out like a lead balloon over the Andes.

Much like the last analogy, the things you'll find here won't make much sense. I dabble in a lot of stuff and leave them hanging until I make a triumphant return and much like the lead balloon over Andes, I can sense your attention pop.

Behold! Here be dragons

Current Work

Website Design & SEO Agency

Curation Platform for Indian Web Series


  • AI Art

    Ever since I heard of Dall-E earlier this year (2022), I’ve been captivated to learn more about the world of g...
  • Oshet: Electronic Music Project

    ‘Oshet’ is a one-man music project from a guy who has recently discovered how to mix tracks on his PC. T...
  • Zumich: Photography & Composite Art

    Zumich was a college hobby turned passion that morphed from just photographing things to editing them intricately to...


Published Writing
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Universe on a Banana Leaf

10 November 2021 By Sumit Shetty in Poetry

Mother Promise

28 July 2021 By Sumit Shetty in Poetry


14 July 2021 By Sumit Shetty in Poetry


07 April 2021 By Sumit Shetty in Poetry


07 March 2021 By Sumit Shetty in Poetry